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Digital Pressure Calibrator

Digital  Pressure  Calibrator
Digital Pressure Calibrator
Product Code : 03
Product Description


Pressure measurement is one of the most important aprameters in the operation and control of most industrial processes, allied services and utilities. Not only the pressure measuring must be designed to be inherently accurate and reliable but they must also be periodically calibrated so as to ensure continued reliable and accurate measurements.

S a l i e n t F e a t u r e s

Microprocessor based

Excellent accuracy of ± 0.1% FS. Customizable give accuracy of ± 0.05% FS High reliability and reproducibility

Selectable pressure unit from 11 pressure units

Wide range of user-speciable measurement ranges

Peak Hold

Auto Zero

User specified uid service- Air, liquid, corrosive gases

Model PSI-DPC-1 is a compact , which cosmine two models namely PSI-DPC-1-HH and PSI-DPC-T1-wThich are distinguished in respect of the cabinet, operatipnogwer supply and maximum measurement range and asrime ilar in all other respects. PSI-DPC-1-HH is a battery operated, handheld  and is normally used for pressuresup to 100 psi full scale with internal sensor.

PSI-DPC-1-TT is a table top and can be sued for any pressure range from 100 mm WC full scael to 10000 psi full scale. PSI-DPC-1-TT is supplied generally as mains operated but can be made battery operated for ranges up to1000 psi. Both the models PSI-DPC-1-HH and PSI-DPC-1-TT are similar in functionality; they will be simply referred to as DPC 1 henceforth in this text.

DPC-1 comprises a pressure sensor and electronicsA. ll the parts including the pressure sensor anedcterlonics and pressure connections are housed inside or on the single insrtument cabinet for most general applications involving non-corrosive uids like air and moderate pressure range viz. 0-0.3 PSI, 0-0.8 PSI, 0-1 PSI, 0-3 PSI, 0-5 PSI, 0-15 PSI, 0-30 PSI,0-100 PSI and 0-150 PSI F.S. For applications involving pressures higher than 150 PSI and up to 10000 PSI, sensors with stainless steel isolated diaphragm and SS body are available. These sensors are located outsdie the cabinet as such or packaged as parobe. These sensors are also available for lower pressures and are suitable for applications involving liquids and corrosive gases

The pressure sensor is selected from among a varieyt of highly stable, temperature compensated pressuer sensors according to the range, type of measurement viz. differential, gauge and absolute.

The electronic includes circuits for sensor supply, signal conditioning and interfacing and microprocessor based assembly for carrying out data acquisition, advanced multipoint linearization* and operator interface including unit selecotin, display, calibration, peak hold and auto zero etc.

*Model PSI-DPC-1 comes with standard accuracy of ±0.1% which is achieved through advanced multipoint linearization. DPC 1 can also be supplied with more precise and accurate sensor to achieve specied higher accuracy ± 0.05% of FS.

All hand held (HH) standard models are available twhi four dry cells of 1.5 Volts. A DC adaptor of 6DVC output can be used for operation of calibrator on 230 V mains. These calibrators can also be provided with rechargeable Li-ion battery pack. An external Li- ion battery charger is also provided.

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