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IP Convertor

IP Convertor
IP Convertor
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Product Description

IP Convertor :

MYKO 500 MK Series transducers are ideally used to convert current or voltage input signal to a nearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. This versatile instrument is rugged and reliable force balance transducers for use in both process control and industrial applications, for standard process control applications which typically utilise 3 to 15psig output and industrial & high pressure application which typically utilise pressure output up to 120 psig.

MYKO 500MK Series transducers combines low cost, high accuracy and minimum air consumption with field proven technology. Versatile design features and rugged, compact housing with a choice of CMRI and ATEX* approved versions for explosion proof or intrinsically safe operation when used with a suitable barrier.

Principle of Operation

MYKO 500 MK Series transducer is a force balance device in which, when electrical current is passed through the coil of transducer magnetic field is created which acts on the magnet assembly, casuing the anvi & diaphragm to move away from or forward the nozzle (flapper nozzle) depending on the direction of current flow. Motion at the nozzle assembly is proportional to the amount of current passing through the coil.

The flapper/anvil move away from or forward towards the nozzle creates back pressure which acts as pilot pressure to an integral booster relay. when input electrical current increases (or decreases for reverse acting) causes proportional output pressure increases.

Zero and Span are calibrated by turning easily accessible adjusting screws on the front face of the unit. The zero adhusting screw causes the nozzle to move relative to the flapper/anvil. The span adjusting screw is a potentiometer that limits the current through the coil. A thermistor circuit in series with the coil provides temperature compensation.

Split Ranging

if split ranging is required the 4-20 mA input and 3-15 output version (Myko part no. MY-501) can be recalibrated to provide 3-9 psig or 9-15 psig output.


The MYKo 500 MK series transducers can be pipe, panel or bracket mounted in any position. Position other than vertical will require recalibration of the zero and span adjustment. Transducers should be mounted in a vibration-free area.

Field Reversible

All MYKO 500MK series transducers are calibrated at the factory for direct acting operation but may be used in recerse

acting mode by reversing the polarity of signal leads and recalibrating. When calibrated for reverse acting application it provide a minimum of their full rated output pressure (i.e. 3 psig) upon input signal failure.

transducers can be pipe, panel or bracket mounted in any position.


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